Life is one big adventure! Have fun all day long with smooth and fragrant hair with us, your #SunsilkHairkada! 

It was an honor to have worked with these two easygoing, professional, and vibrant young ladies. Happy to be a member of the Hairkada!! The launch was nothing short of special with hair blowouts happening, a trampoline to put your hair to the test, and a beautiful dinner for our invited guests that evening. 

Walking up to the stage, Julia and I shared how nervous we were about facing everyone there!! I was so nervous na natapilok pa ako! Hahaha! O diba. 

Thank you Sunsilk for this great opportunity and project :) 

Everyone out there!! Join our newest promo! Like the Hair Experts page to find out how you can win your DREAM HAIRKADA ADVENTURE with your Hairkada!! :)

Here is our TVC :) 

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Pond’s Summer Soirée 

I am so thrilled to be part of this wonderful warm and welcoming family - Pond’s! We shot the TVC in Korea for 2 straight days and we shot it in 3 different languages (English, Vietnamese, and Bahasa Indonesian), what a wonderful experience. 

The newest Pond’s variant is the Pond’s White Beauty with SPF 15, which I now represent :) Perfect for my skin tone because I’m not the whitest person around, and I enjoy being under the sun. This newest variant allows me to stay my same skin tone while basking under the sun!! I won’t burn at all. How lovely, right?

Enough of the product talk, the experience of being welcomed to this new endorsement was one of a kind. It made me feel like a princess walking in a dream. I’ve been using Pond’s since I was 9, started using their face wash to always clean my skin before going  to bed, and then their cold cream to remove my makeup when I was 14 and went back to commercial modelling again. 

I haven’t felt this appreciated for quite a while!! Hence, why I was in tears of joy while walking through the crowd. It was an overwhelming but explicitly beautiful launch. Thank you Ponds for making me feel so special that evening :) 

Thank you John Pagaduan for my makeup, Sidney Yap for my outfit and Ogie Rayel for my hair! Thank you to Rona & Rona for the wonderful support, as always <3

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It’s the season for Cinemalaya auditions. I just want to relive my experience through here. I might have already written about this and spoken about it richly for interviews but I want to share how intimidating the entire experience was for me. 

So many think that I had it easy. That I got a role because I have it all and because I’m already established. No. I did not get it because I am “Jasmine” (whatever on earth that might even mean), or because I am established, or because I have a sister that has already paved the way for me. You’ve got me all wrong. That would be a great misjudgment on myself, the producer and the director of Transit. So stop right there. 

When you go in for castings, the directors and producers already have an image of their characters, what they should be, the personality they carry, the way they look or fit the story. They mould this image in their heads and hope that when a line of aspiring actors (or in my case already called one but still trying to find the real soul of acting, itself) come into the room, they scan who is in front of them. They do not solely base their choice on accomplishments or looks to fit a said role, it is a mix of both. 

If you are lining up for the auditions here are tips on what to do, dress like and act (not that I’m an expert at auditions or at giving tips but anyway let me have my shot at it):

  • Do not come in overdressed- it’s better if the people casting you can see what they can alter in terms of clothing and looks. This means, come in jeans and a simple top! Nothing too fancy like an embellished dress that screams “I like shiny things”. Flats or sneakers to go with it.

  • Have minimal natural makeup - like clothing, it’s better if you have a clean face. This will allow them to see what they need for the character. Plus, unless you’re a drag queen, they usually don’t spend a lot of time and effort on makeup. Natural is key.

  • Confidence - for any other thing you need to do in life, have confidence. Don’t feel intimidated by who is standing next to you or what projects they have done before. Be you.

  • Preparation - come in with a script in hand just in case they want to hear something from you and see how well you are in your chosen craft.

These are the basic things you need covered. After the first casting, it’s up to them to let you know what they want you to prepare. 

I lined up for my audition.

I had a number.

I was called in.

I introduced myself.

And until I mentioned my credentials, no one knew who I was. 

A few fellow actors wanting to audition did, but not the directors or producers. I was in my 3rd year of being in the industry but not everyone knew who I was, which I took as an advantage for me to be able to show them what I have and can do before revealing who I am. I saw other actors from other networks who I was either at par with or have been in the industry just a little longer than me. I was scared. Scared that it would be a turnoff to have a mainstream artist in this world or that my previous work did not show that I was capable of this.

I think I found my world. I found my soul. I found my love for acting. 

So again, do not say I got my role for being Jasmine Curtis, the sister of.. or I got it because I am established.. or I got it because I am Jasmine. No. Did the other actors get their roles just because of their names and the number of projects they have done before? Let’s not misjudge or think too little of ourselves.

You have a chance, you just have to let yourself have one. :)

Have a happy Sunday!

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Brunch at Hatch.

Hello there! March has arrived and what a lovely way to begin it by writing again. I’ve been neglectful of exercising this part of me as of recent, but thank you for always staying with me. I’ve got such a great month ahead and I can’t wait to unravel everything. I’ve been trying very hard to keep this space as personal as possible (by personal, I mean, away from all work related things) but that seems impossible. So I guess, I should just let it be.

Let me start it off by saying this. How amazing is it that Coldplay has released a new song? It’s called Midnight, hence the first photo. Similar to a couple of underrated artists, quite sure that Coldplay used a vocoder for this new song which is why they closely resemble the sound of Bon Iver and even, Imogen Heap. Ah, love. That softness, eerie, lullaby-esque sweet sweet sound. So I’m sure this new song means a new album? Meaning a new tour? Meaning I will be able to see them perform live again?! Life, please don’t fool me. 

Apart from my love for Coldplay, I am so deeply in love with my work as well. I wrapped up SpinNation (in case you weren’t able to follow that, it’s the first social media music show of the Philippines), filmed and showed The Replacement Bride, and began taping for my newest TV mini-series: JASMINE.

My first title role, under my own real name. It’s a blurred crossover from fiction to reality of the life of an actress. Much like foreign TV series’, we will be officially incorporating the social media engagement with our show and also guesting real life actors, and sometimes directors, as themselves within the story. The show is under TV5—partnered with Unitel and Ace Saatchi & Saatchi, so it is of utmost quality and content. We have been handling pressure with grace to prevent shortage of what our audience deserve. This show has a very foreign and out of the ordinary concept that many will think the Filipinos are not ready for however, we all firmly believe that the Filipinos are smarter and enjoy concepts which are far from the typical teleserye storylines. We are all just doing our jobs and being innovative. So I hope you all watch out for this :)

The following are also part of my show: Cai Cortez, Alwyn Uytingco, Matt Padilla, Gerard Sison, Vin Abrenica, Nicole Estrada, Marvelous, Carlo Orosa and direk Mark Meily. 

It will be hopefully aired some time this month, I will keep you all updated through Twitter! Have a lovely weekend and drop by Goldilocks to taste the new Caramel Pusong Mamon. :)

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I get jealous because I’m afraid someone is going to make you happier than I do.
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Lets just go back to the way it was.
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Daghang salamat University of Cebu Main Campus 😊 ❤️ Pit Senor! 🎉

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It’s 2014!! Are you ready to face another year of different ups and downs? 

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