Will you take me to Nirvana?

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Feathers and Wings

Do they sweetly chirp along or do they fly in the same dissimulation?

Do they have..

Time alone, to grow

Time to laugh, to love

Time to cry, to be one?

Are they ever..

One with life

One with Him

One with everything they’ve always been?

Where does the bird fly off to when the sky becomes a little blue?

Where does the it all begin and end?

Shall we take flight considering the way the wind howls?

Or shall we hear the howling and brave it through and through?

Careful, bird, when you’re on the ground

For Withers did sing, don’t run so fast

You might fall on a piece of glass..

Might be snaked there in the grass

Take your chances as you will

How will you know what could be

When you don’t at all?

Go on, dance, use those feathers

Fly away and show them 

Let the glitters fall from your wings

So shall we sweetly chirp along or fly in the same dissimulation?

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my jam right now

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#IceBucketChallenge + why I won’t do it.

Viral videos are the best and easiest ways to start awareness on a campaign. It is often very controversial, noisy and effective (good and bad). 

After just a teeny wee bit of research, the challenge was apparently meant to be a consequence for not donating $100 to the ALS organization however, some opted to do both. Leading to today, the world nominating people over and over.. has it lost control? Should the game stop and the real work be done?

I will not deny that this Ice Bucket Challenge was the reason why I found out about ALS. Now, I am aware of the ALS disease and foundation, I am aware of what ALS is all about and what this organization will be using all the donated money on.

That said…

 I do not want to do the challenge and place myself under physical pain, no. (This is another reason why http://ti.me/1pdMF61)



However, I think we have lost control. The awareness is clear and popularly disseminated. The goal has been achieved. You and I do not need to prove our help through a challenge. Call me a kill joy or whatever you want, but am I wrong? Are you still unaware of what ALS is after the hundreds, if not, thousands of videos already posted, shared and liked on social media?

I do not disrespect or think any low of anyone who has done this. Let’s get that clear and out of the way. My favorite lead singer of a band has done it (Chris Martin), my sister has done it, some of my friends have done it. I just think that the awareness is already there. Now that it has been achieved, we work towards more donations from people who are NOT “nominated”. 

Let us also not forget about the other charities and organizations who do not have a viral challenge going around and donate to their cause, too. 

Let us spread the love and help those who are in need.

Oh and just in case you have something to say.


There are many other ways to influence and inspire others to help great causes. It doesn’t have to be through physical pain or joining the bandwagon of some viral video.

(PS. I thought Rick Rubin’s has been the best one)

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Cinemalaya 2014


I’ll jump right into it, I loved the movies this year. I can’t compare it to any other year because last year was my first to experience the festival and I was only able to watch a handful then.

I wasn’t expecting that I’d be able to watch any movies this year because I was supposed to fly back to Australia that exact week. Then, my schedule got a little rambled up and I ended up staying here. Though, I really was craving to be back in Oz, I was happy that at the loss of that trip I got to watch numerous entries! 

The Janitor





Childrens Show

1st Ko Si Third

I was happy that with the little time that I got, I was still nurturing myself with the art of the industry I am in. To be able to observe all aspects of film, not restricting myself to acting, tingled a spark in me. I guess it’s my hidden desire to someday be behind the scenes of making a beautiful film.

My personal favorite was definitely “Mariquina”. 


I thought it had the complete package. It pinched that spot in my heart that I dare not acknowledge or give life to. I bawled my eyes out at the part when Ricky Davao’s character was trying to eat his way through the sad reality that his wife had left him while his daughter, Imelda (played by Barbie Forteza [you were superb]), wondered where her mother had gone. And some more when young Imelda received that phone call, with Ricky Davao’s character in the foreground displaying his own cry of anguish. Even MORE when the adult Imelda (played by Mylene Dizon) comically brought herself to the centre of their town with her father’s friend, showing a yearning for security from a father figure, asking him to leave when they parked the car. Then showing how distraught she was from everything that had happened in her life. That exact moment her her body quivers from the woe she had been carrying all her life. 

Not only did the storyline distinctively resonate with a few dear occurrences in my life but it was also, so wonderfully shot. The director had a clear image of his vision for this film. The editor (Hi Ben T) was magnificent with his transitions, allowing the emotions per scene to linger long enough so that the audience could feel it and then be prepared to move on with another emotion for the following scene. The scoring was on point. The makeup for the characters weren’t over the top and the prosthetics looked authentic! Kudos!

This film was just so perfect for me. 

I know this post might be a little too late but what was your favorite Cinemalaya entry this year? 

I wanted to watch everything but i only had one free day and everything else I wanted to watch was super sold out! 

I thought the awards were given out fairly but of course, I wanted Mariquina to win more!!!!!!!!!!!! 

And that controversy. Wow. I feel you filmmakers and producers. 


My lovely director from Transit, Hannah Espia :)


The director of Mariquina, Milo Sogueco.

imageMy favorite Filipina actress, my Ima, Irma Adlawan!!

Have a great week ahead everyone. 😘

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What’s the point?

3x17 // 10x21

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I wanna watch this already!!!

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