Today marked the first of the few lasts that my batch will be encountering this year.

Swimming carnivals were never really fun for the first 5 years: you sit there, watch people swim laps, eat, sit, sweat under the intense rays of the sun, people splash water on you.. but as a Year 12, you get to have all the fun you want. Dressing up, walking around without having to be told to go back to your house areas, messing around with teachers.. ahhh the joy. 

The other day I tweeted my dilemma about the costume. I found one! My friend, Natalie, really wanted to go as Tinkerbell so we both thought to go as a pair; I ended up being Peter Pan. So many thought I was Robin Hood, though. Either way, I couldn’t care less cos I just had heaps of fun today. :-)  And gee, the heat just made it even harder to keep my focus on given the conditions—by the pool… If anyone knows what I mean…haha

Fact: I can’t swim so I only did one event, Water Polo. (I can tread water, but only for a while haha)

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  4. rrezzzddannni said: The swimming carnival and athletics carnival were one of the highlights of year 12 too. I was in the the red house. I miss being in year 12. Enjoy the rest of your year! Make it a memorable one :)