Day 4; Lent

Not having a mobile phone is beginning to show it’s difficulties. Not being able to contact people who don’t have a social networking site is near to impossible. I’ve been getting friends to text them for me then direct message me on Twitter about the other person’s reply. Haha.

Slightly struggling but I know I can last. It’s also helping me pay more attention to other things such as homework and family. I don’t just whip out my phone and send out a tweet when I find myself without a thing to do, instead I find a book to read or find things to talk about—or remain quiet and enjoy the silence. (Not that I never used to do that but I tended to spend heaps of time being distracted by my phone and whatnot before being productive).

My brother faced temptations today. He gave up sweets and at a friend’s house they had Leche Flan—(something similar to Creme Caramel). Leche Flan is both our favorite Filipino dessert so I can imagine how much it bothered him to not have eaten even a bite of it. Sucks but I am proud of him for being able to stick to his promise this Lenten season :-)

How’s it going for you guys?

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  1. iamjerell answered: rofl. :D
  2. yudj21 answered: hi jasmin :))
  3. aixtraordinary answered: Nice! Been fasting over coffee and other colored drinks. Water is the only liquid I take. It’s hard, but I know I can do this. :D
  4. sungraewook answered: don’t have a phone as well not a mobile phone person i love my psp though
  5. alcoholkills answered: still thinking, maybe i will not eat meat? any suggestions? haha
  6. jenipong answered: Anya for the Go :>
  7. untamedescapist answered: i decided to give up rice and so far so good :)
  8. dmg-youmatter answered: well, for me.. i’m giving up pig meat or rather pork. so far so good i hope.
  9. nickymandani answered: I’m giving up chips, soft drinks, & juice. :/ It’s hard but I know I can do this!:)
  10. catherinecueto answered: I promised not to start the war with my friends! HAHA! They answer me in pilospo manner & so,I ganti!I promised not to shout ever again! HAHA
  11. artemisbluesunshine answered: you inspired me Jasmine (:
  12. eulanmarie answered: 5th day! (no rice) :D
  13. benatheexplorer answered: thank you for following :)) it means a lot :DD
  14. jysniam answered: i gave up facebook, super hard since I don’t contact most people outside of it, especially i’m out of the loop of my friends and family
  15. crisupertramp answered: Second day of surviving without rice! I feel great! No cravings at all! :)
  16. 19shotsforyew answered: I gave up softdrinks! No can drinks for me and it’s goin well! :)
  17. theluckygreenheadband answered: Good. :D
  18. onedirection--xvi answered: Hi.. when are you coming back here in the Philippines?.
  19. suddenlyits-magic answered: Hey. Can you give me a FollowBack Ms Jasmine? :) It’s me @jandcayabyab on Twitter :)
  20. bonin127 answered: good
  21. jhemmedina answered: pr
  22. roxbaescobido answered: baby curt you can last it.. :))
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