Vivienne has got to be one of the most adorable and loving ones I have in my life, aside from all the mothers out there. She’s got an instinct that is of within similarity of those that mothers contain but at the same time she is full of youthfulness and a whole heap of smiling. 

Although we’ve been cousins since the day our mothers were born, I only really got to start getting know Viv when I moved to Oz back in 2005. It’s been 7 years since then and I now claim us as, basically, sisters. We have this telepathic connection that no one else really gets.. sometimes we don’t even get it either. We’ve invented our own languages, vocabulary and handshakes. Ah viv. You are the best friend I’ve always longed for. 

2005, she was only 13 years old.. now she’s 20. CRAY CRAY! Enjoy les photos :-)

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