Insanely Ditzy Saturday Morning

I know from the basis of my recent posts, it looks like I am narcissistic but I just love to take photos.. of things.. of me.. of everything. Haha, let’s not pretend like you don’t enjoy taking selfies. I surely do… remember.. you can’t begin to love someone else if you can’t love yourself.. HAHA saves some face. No but really.. I just like instagram too much.


This was given to one of my anaks, Bianca (who turned 18 yesterday let’s all greet her a belated happy birthday on twitter @bianncaxvi). Illustrated by Michelle Reyes. GURL ANG GALING MO PALIT TAYO NG KAMAY. I love all the artworks that you guys/girls send me :) 

Oh and just in case you missed the fun on my Twitter this morning because you live in Manila or someplace else that has a completely different timezone…

After a petty argument with mama over the event of her barging into my room, pushing me to the edge of my bed, taking up all of my doona and acting like it was all normal (which to some degree it kinda is).. I went a bit ditzy. Yes, just like yesterday morning. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Back-read my brother’s twitter.

So what happened after that was this: 

I decided to wrap myself in my doona(quilt/blanket/duvet whatever you wanna call it) and lay down on the carpet in front of the bathroom door. I waited for my brother to come out and when he did, he put a foot on my head and walked away asking what the heck I was doing to which I responded “I’m a spring roll!”, leading to his desire to instagram this work of art. 

I just wasted a minute of your time which could have been spent on some better reading.. but don’t fool yourself, that stupid story beget a smile from you. ;) 

Vvell, enjoy saturday! Be ditzy. Have fun! 

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