The CAGE experience

Last week, I entered the cage. No food, no electricity, no furniture, no electronics and only 3 toilet breaks for 24 hours. Why? To raise awareness for the homeless. 

Here’s what the cage looked like:

There were around 20 people in the cage, and a part of it just happened to be wet from the roof-pipemajigs. 

It was such a freeeeeezing day. Cuddled up in my sleeping bag next to friends, I only got out of the sleeping bag once after I got in it. It was that cold!! I slept with my sleeping bag the other way around too, so the hood was on my face. lamigchi!! 

This was before I got into my sleeping bag, the cold was still bearable. Kunwari pa akong magtatapos ng homework. Nawalan rin ng gana pagkatapos ng mga 30 mins, gutom jones!! Hahaha

This was my first sleeping bag, buti nalang na-realize ni mama na OA sa lamig that day at predicted na uulan ng bonggacious sa gabi at madaling araw so she came by to switch sleeping bags for me. sweet ni mamapoo :)

I’ve always known that homelessness isn’t something to joke about, especially in countries where the seasons change, it would be such a beezch to cope. I hope that the younger year levels in my school got to appreciate what we did and realised that a lot of people are unfortunately living under such conditions on a daily basis.

Hope you all remember to be thankful everyday :) And give more than what you can give, because let’s be honest you can probably afford to do so. God bless, guys! 

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