Thank YOU

Yesterday was incredible! And I’ve got all of you to thank for it. I felt the love right from the very moment I woke up. From the tweets, text messages, calls and gifts from my family, friends, fans, work families and everyone else!!

Firstly, thank you to Him. For consistently showering me with blessings I may not always deserve. For giving me the most loving people in my life and making me feel like a princess in all I do.

Secondly, my family. For coming together for one evening to celebrate my special day. It’s not often we’re together and I definitely had a blast at dinner. Through the tough and the best times, we still stick together.

Thirdly, my friends. For never leaving my side, always being up for a chat, sticking it out through my tough days when I need to cry and joining me when I laugh like a hyena. For knowing who I really am and still choosing to love me despite my shortcomings.

Fourthly, my fans. For giving me the best run of my journey so far for my career. It’s only been a couple of years but your support has made me feel like I’ve always been a star. I may not be the best at what I do but thank you for appreciating and understanding my baby steps to *fingers crossed* superstardom. For endlessly loving me and making sure that I feel it.

Fifthly, my work families (Endorsements:
-Green Cross: Lewis & Pearl

-Posh Nails
-La Bolsa
-Pocari Sweat


My Managements:
-Vidanes Artist Management
-W Talent Management

For trusting me to be part of your brand and more than that, your family. For allowing me to grow through you and honing the skills I already have and leading me to the best I can be. For giving me the opportunity to shine on my own and having faith in me.

And everyone else I may not have mentioned but is important to me. Thank you for noticing me and giving me your time.

God bless everyone!! And again, THANK YOU for the love.

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