Education is one of the privileges that I am incredibly thankful to have. In our day and age, many children and teenagers find it hard to appreciate the blessing of an education- regardless whether it is private, public, or government- they lack the motivation to get the great grades, to search for their passion and when found, make it a pathway for the career they want to pursue. 

I want to make education accessible to all and make sure that kids go in prepared when the school year begins, so, I, along with my management, decided that we wanted to take part in the BangKarunungan outreach experience. Their mission is To travel and provide hope and wisdom to children who are not able to study on the islands of Zamabales and neighboring areas.  

During our outreach we brought over 100 goody bags, each filled with a pencil case, a box of crayons, pens, pad papers, rulers, sharpeners, erasers, notebooks and sponsored towels from Bayo. This will ensure the preparation step of the kids who will be beginning school in June. It is difficult for these kids to access education because the only way to get to school is to travel by boat for over an hour and then find another way on land to get to it. It is costly as well, so we hope that this little gift will help ease their pockets a bit. :) 

Being able to share a couple of hours with the kids and seeing their smiles brought a warm tug to my heart but it was even more moving to see Sir Adrian, the founder, shed a tear when we were approaching the island of Nagbayukan. It was as if it was his first time all over again to do this, when in reality he visits a different island more often than asked for. He has a heart of gold that reaches out to many humble communities. 

I am utterly glad to know that I am not alone with finding treasure in education. It really is a priority that we should all focus our hearts and minds on to ensure a better future for ourselves, family, our economy, and our country. :) 

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